#LDF19 I No.4 Lifestyle

LIFESTYLE highlights for this year's London Design Festival

Curated, design, excellence.

Discover bio design illuminair Alice Potts, sustainability exploration via Central Saint Martins and Jesper Erikson for Mint, whilst Emma Witter exquisitely repurposed bones into ethereal sculptural forms.

Dinosaur Designs craft homewares and jewellery collections inspired by nature whilstBill Amberg’s studio craft digital prints onto leather. The Jo Malone townhouse opens its doors to a curated exhibition from Martyn Thompson.

Dinosaur Designs LondonDesignFestival

Dinosaur Designs 

Bill Amberg Studio London Design Festival

Bill Amberg Studio

 Jesper Erikson I Mint London Design Festival

Jesper Erikson I Mint

Joe Malone and Martyn Thompson London Design Festival

Jo Malone + Martyn Thompson

Alice Potts Open Cell LondonDesignFestival

Alice Potts

Emma Witter 

Emma Witter


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