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Design Disrupters exclusively presents five stunning photographic works by Australian based photographer and adventurer Jess Lowis

Blue mind science: the study of aquatic environments health benefits
Science has proven the benefits of being by water. If you're feeling overly anxious, stressed out or under pressure; experiencing water can help

“People can experience the benefits of the water whether they’re near the ocean, a lake, river, swimming pool or even listening to the soothing sound of a fountain' marine biologist, Wallace Nichols author of Blue Mind

Bring the ocean into your home
Another way to defy the stresses of modern living, is to bring artwork into your home that captures 'blue space'

Launch collection
Our launch series features a selection of stunning Australian coastal vistas that do just that, including the infamous Icebergs swimming pool in Sydney's Bondi Beach

Areas of natural beauty including; The Rocks, Noosa in Queensland and Fingal Head in New South Wales celebrate endless golden beaches, turquoise oceans and the raw energy of nature

Vivid hues and the sheer depth of colour of the ocean meeting the rugged shore line and crispy sandy beaches, make for a stylish and vibrant addition to your home or office space
Koala Australia bushfire donation Design Disrupters
Australian Bushfire Donation
Due to the fires and the devastating loss of wildlife, for the foreseeable future a contribution from all artwork sales will be made to the Wires Wildlife charity

 Wires Wildlife Rescue www.wires.org.au

rid your blues

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Coast Call


The Rocks, Noosa

DesignDisruptersIcebergsPoolBondiBeachessLowis photography australia nature and outdoors

Icebergs Pool, Bondi Beach

DesignDisruptersFIngalHeadJessLowis photography australia nature and outdoors

Fingal, New South Wales

DesignDisruptersBeachNoosaJessLowis photography australia nature and outdoors

Noosa, Queensland



Jess lowis photography australia nature and outdoors

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