London Exhibition I The Real Thing

Curated design excellence

Label junkies should visit this new exhibition at the Fashion Space Gallery (London College of Fashion), curated by Anastasiia Fedorva for a disruptive fashion fix.

Running from 7th February, it considers the culture of bootleg and counterfeit culture as a form of art in its own right

DesignDisruptersTheRealThingFashionSpaceGalleryHassan Kurbanbaev

Image credit: logomania by Hassan Kurbanbaev, 2019

DesignDisrupterstherealthingFashionSpaceGallerySimonas Berukstis

Image credit: Ancuta Sarca by Simonas Berukstis

DesignDisrupterstherealthingFashionSpaceGalleryAnna Ehrenstein

Image credit: Anna Ehrenstein


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