#LDF20 The HotHouse by Studio Weave, London Design Festival

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London-based architecture practice Studio Weave, supported by Lendlease and LCR, have created The Hothouse, a large-scale installation located at International Quarter London (IQL).

The installation will be in situ for a year.

The structure of The Hothouse is reminiscent of a Victorian glasshouse and will provide a controlled habitat for cultivating plants that would not ordinarily grow within the UK’s climate.  

The environment of The Hothouse can be regulated and adapted to suit the plants within. Garden Designer Tom Massey has collaborated with Studio Weave to develop a concept for the planting scheme that includes a vast array of productive plants from all over the world: an edible jungle of exotic and unusual species. 

The crops that will be grown include guava, orange, gourd, chia seed, avocado, pomegranate, quinoa, mango, sweet potato, lemon, sugarcane, chickpea, loquat and pineapple.  

Scientists predict that if the current rate of climate change continues to accelerate, all of these crops could potentially be grown outside in the UK by 2050 – highlighting the reality of a rapidly changing climate. 


The Hot House London Design Festival 2020

The Hot house London Design Festival 2020

The Hot House close Up London Design Festival 2020

The HotHouse Night photo London Design Festival 2020


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