Designing Mindful Happiness: Mementos, Shelfies & Home Gallery Displays

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Memento's are familiar items which have usually been collected over the years and have a sentimental meaning and memory behind them. 

Often they can trigger a smile on your face and can provoke conversation from guests upon their viewing

Sometimes in design, an aesthetic can be created around such items, or you can factor them in.

Overall, they help to induce a feeling of calm and nostalgia of happy times. The joy this brings will in time create a naturally positive attitude and ambience.

Top tip: when presenting items, ensure they don't look 'overly cluttered' they should ensure balance within the overall space


Image Credit: By Anna Paganelli, Turville Street


 Photo Credit: Annaleena Leino-Karlsson

Image Credit: Annaleena Leino-Karlsson


Table top roses and books livingroom styling

Image Credit: Uknown


Photography: Sharyn Cairns, Project name: Toorak House 2, Designer: Studio Griffiths

Image Credit: Sharyn Cairns, Toorak House by Studio Griffiths


London skyline by Anna Paganelli city photography and print 2020

Image Credit: By Anna Paganelli

Home Gallery Kitchen black and white photography

Image Credit: Nicole Davis Interiors

 Laura Seppanen home in Finland, shelfie shelf styling home decor interiors

Image credit: Laura Seppanen

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