Wall Lights I Contemporary Design Classics

Curated design excellence

Sculptural minimal forms illuminate your home or space and should look as beautiful turned off as they do on.

Lighting finalises and unites any interior design scheme. Whether your style is industrial, Scandi cool, contemporary luxe or minimalist; be sure to choose appropriate lighting for each room.

Here are a few examples of contemporary lighting design, from some of the industries most trusted and respected brands. 

Doshi Levien: Earth to Sky, wall light

Doshi Levien: Earth to Sky, wall light

Aperture Sconce Wall Light Allied Maker

Allied Maker: Aperture Sconce, wall light 

Interior-Design-dArmes-Ce-Wall Light

dArmes: Ce, Wall Light

Rich Brilliant Willing Crisp Chrome  Wall LIght Sconce

Rich Brilliant: willing crisp chrome, wall light sconce


Bert Frank: Farol wall light






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