Creative Wellness I Working Through Covid-19

Change Management

We’re all experiencing a seismic shift in how we’re interacting and communicating with the designed world, our work, colleagues and clients.

The world after Coronavirus will no doubt look and feel very different, with an on-going period of adjustment.

Anxiety and uncertainly are very draining emotions. To help get through this period, keep your creative and business approach as flexible, fluid and as uncomplicated as possible.

Here are a few tips we're trying to following during this tough time:


When we’re swamped with daily emails and client work, checking in with the wider design community is often seen as a luxury.

Establishing new connections, could prove to be an invaluable source for future creative partnerships and new business opportunities, especially if you’ve currently lost work or new client projects have been put on hold.

Product Launches

Now is a great time to review your achievements, share your work and don’t presume you have to put off new product launches.

Journalists need content and media is being consumed at record breaking levels. Publications want to support small business owners and push positive stories and new collections.

Invest in your creativity

We can already see massive adjustments in how companies and creatives are offering their skills to the benefit of society.

Many creatives are offering free classes or live video streams, so why not invest some time learning new skills, especially outside of your specific industry.

In the future this could lead to more common ground with new clients or a cross over project within a new industry.


1. Massimo Bottura: chef patron of Osteria Francescana is running an Instagram Series called #kitchenquarantine brush up on your home cooking skills

Visit: @MassimoBottura

2. MasterClass: you've probably seen the adverts to 'learn from the best' but why not give it a go as now they're running an offier where you can buy one annual membership to share with a friend or work colleague for a year for free!

Featuring Kelly Wearstler teaching interior design


3. Jamie Hayon

Colour in an illustration by Jamie via his ‘Corona Community’ stories feature and share for you to chance to be featured

Visit: @jaimehayon

Research & Development

When you’re caught up in the 9-5  it’s easy to lose sight of industry developments, potential new suppliers and emerging materials.

Reap future rewards of being known for creative innovation. Allocate time to research current trends within sustainability and technology. Look to traditional crafts for refining techniques and investigate working with local suppliers to ease resources.

Take care, from the Design Disrupters team


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