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After working for many years within the design industry, I wanted to curate a retail platform drawing from my cultural heritage, the influencers of London's subcultures and the positive effect design has on our lives

Each piece has been carefully selected, to ensure a mindful and balanced home, with a little edge...

‘No-one lives a linear design life and many online marketplaces feel devoid of the art and soul of design. You walk into someone’s home and you embrace the collection of their lives; from the quirky to the exquisite’ 

A Scottish-Italian Heritage

The collection's aesthetic is inspired by my Scottish-Italian roots

Valuing your culture, a connection to nature and the enjoyment of beautiful things, are key values encouraged and enjoyed by my family

My Nonna or 'Grandmother' was a collector of beautiful objects and in Glasgow, my Irish Grandfather was an antiques dealer

Mixing contempoary design with cherised items and retro finds, truly represents a family home full of warmth, love and it's own unique history and style

Design Excellence

I champion design excellence, independent designers and creatives

All pieces are carefully selected, hand crafted and made to last for future generations. I look away from fleeting trends in preference for individuality

Mindful Design

I support a 'less is more' lifestyle and actively encourage my customers to mix and match contemporary design with retro and vintage pieces